【Free!】さむさむ中学凛ちゃん by ジョイ


記念写真  by  mocca

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Anonymous asked: Would you know if there's a "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club swimming jacket" for sale? Hope they will release it soon. :) I would love to have that. :)

Sorry, I’m not sure if there’s anything official. I think I saw some fans selling unofficial jackets though. You can probably find them on sites like e-bay. 

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Anonymous asked: In the opening song/video of free! why is rin on a tower crying?! THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE SERIES. Or am I missing something?

I always thought it was just filler footage of him lol, showing that he’s introspective and sensitive and all~ I could be wrong, or maybe it’s a hint for something to come (oh god).

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Happy new year everyone!\(^o^)/

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The Boys.

Actual boyfriends. [x]

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transparent rinrin bc i’m in love with this scan

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